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The [Virtual] Munsell Project Changelog Updates

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A stable work flow has been established; we'll continue to post changes here by date to keep things tidy. If you want to jump back to the main project page it is located here.

2/19/2018: 7.5PB 6 - 20 (finished) and 10PB 10 added to online reference.

2/9/2018: New HSL/CMYK workflow, corrections to Neutrals - PB7.5 3 (removed) while additional HSL/CMYK added PB7.5 4 - 6.

2/6/2018: PB 3 and 4 spheres added to online reference.

1/29/2018: Neutrals and PB 1-2 are re-released at 4K resolution as part of the online reference table.

2017: A few initial PB spheres are released: PB1, PB2 and PB3.

2017: Initial Neutral spheres are released.

2017: The [Virtual] Munsell Project is officially announced here.