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Welcome to the new home of Cal's blog!

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For many years our blog was hosted by Google at Blogger and for a time that made sense. In order to be free and open as possible, our friends over at suggested we migrate from a 3rd party blogging platform to our own hosted solution. This should make the blog not only secure but also fast. This presents a little more work intially but many of the issues experienced on the old platform for both the author and readers should be completely resolved.

While there are no plans to migrate the old blog we may resurrect our most popular posts from time to time. That content will remain online as long as Google fancies to host it. You may subscribe to the new blog feed by using your favorite RSS reader with the link above or peruse the archive below.

Post Archive:

Excuse our dust

Updated on: August 16 2018

Munsell Project Update

Updated on: October 29 2018

artist tools - DIY conductive brush

Updated on: August 16 2018

artist tools - winton oil paints to rgb

Updated on: August 16 2018

custom canvases

Updated on: August 16 2018