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Custom Hand-Made, Museum-Quality Artisan Canvases

Jump to the Pricing table. We make American-made, professional-grade gallery style canvases created for the discerning painter in our own workshop.

Durable and Reusable

Our stretched canvas and frames are built to last with the intent to be stretched, re-stretched and rehung over many years over the lifetime of an artist. We build our canvases with construction-grade materials that endure piece after piece, year after year. Why throw your money away with junk materials that are not archival?

Lifetime Warranty:

Our our products are guaranteed for life under normal gallery conditions.

Made to Order:

Your canvas is made to order, one at a time, to your dimensional specifications ( L" x W" ). The sizes listed below indicate a range of suggested dimensions; we will create any size you may require. We also specialize in over-sized canvases and [re]stretch existing artwork.

Lead Time:

Primed: 12 business days
Raw canvas: 7 business days


The pricing table represents estimates; quotes will be provided to you and are good for 90 days. We encourage customers to compare prices versus our high material quality standard. Please note that all canvas sales require a 50% deposit and are final (sorry no returns). Taxes are included (CA residents only).


Arrangements can be made for shipping our canvases to you within the Fresno/Clovis area. For outlying locations your quote will include a shipping estimate.


  • 12.63 oz heavy cotton duck
  • Recessed supports
  • Mitered sanded redwood corner bracers
  • Glued and stapled pine risers
  • Fully wrapped edges
  • Tucked corners
  • 1/4" stapling
  • Construction-grade joinery hardware
  • Art Alternatives Gesso (optional)

Studio Series 2.75" deep, Pine framing
Length x Height Raw Canvas Gesso Primed Order
18 x 18 $43.46 $62.41 please contact us
24 x 24 $60.57 $91.44 please contact us
30 x 24 $71.92 $109.47 please contact us
36 x 30 $91.94 $145.78 please contact us
40 x 36 $109.48 $179.32 please contact us
48 x 48 $148.44 $256.10 please contact us

Museum Series 3.5" deep, Red Oak framing
Length x Height Raw Canvas Gesso Primed Order
18 x 18 $69.09 $88.04 contact us
24 x 24 $94.74 $125.61 contact us
30 x 24 $110.36 $147.91 contact us
36 x 30 $138.92 $192.77 contact us
40 x 36 $163.58 $233.42 contact us
48 x 48 $216.78 $324.44 contact us
60 x 48 $255.78 $388.46 contact us
72 x 48 $294.79 $452.48 contact us
84 x 48 $333.79 $516.50 contact us
96 x 48 $372.79 $580.52 contact us
Larger Sizes         request a quote